SloweGanzi partners PMAN on Atlanta Afrobeats Festival

SloweGanzi USA has inked a historic deal with the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) to organize a music festival in the United States of America.
According to Wole Akande, executive producer/partner, SloweGanzi USA, hes in Lagos to pay homage to the roots of Afrobeats and to form a strategic working relationship and partnership with PMAN for the Atlanta Afrobeats Festival scheduled for August 2024.
The Atlanta Afrobeats Festival promises to be a celebration of diversity, culture and vibrant spirit of the music genre. The partnership with PMAN adds a significant dimension to this celebration, aligning with the festival’s mission of building bridges through music.
Expressing his immense gratitude for the warm welcome accorded him in Lagos; Akande emphasized the significance of the city as a perfect backdrop for their tribute, given its rich cultural tapestry and status as the Afrobeats capital of the world. He said the SloweGanzi collaboration with PMAN is not just about music; it also aims at celebrating diversity and fostering cultural exchange.
This journey from the United States to the epicenter of Afrobeats is more than symbolic; it’s a testament to the festival’s commitment to paying homage to the genre’s roots and origins, Akande declared.
While welcoming the initiative, Pretty Okafor, PMANs President, stated that the SloweGanzis partnership with the music body signifies a commitment to supporting the Afrobeats ecosystem, from artistes to creators, while also uniting people and creating lasting relationships.
“Afrobeats has transcended borders and we are excited to work together with SloweGanzi USA to elevate the genre even further. Let the rhythm of Afrobeats continue to echo across continents, uniting hearts and creating lasting connections, he remarked.
On his part, Ayoola Sadare, CEO, Inspiro Productions and executive consultant, Atlanta Afrobeats Festival, commended the initiative as a celebration of creativity that taps into the pulse of Lagos, and showcases the vibrancy and talent embedded in Nigerias cultural DNA.
“Beyond the cultural spectacle, the Atlanta Afrobeats Festival is positioned to generate economic opportunities and cross-cultural exchange. The PMAN and SloweGanzi partnership arrangement is about shaping narratives, fostering unity and propelling forward the creative economy. Lagos, with its rich cultural heritage and dynamic music scene, stands as a fitting backdrop for this alliance, he noted.

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