Oguzoro: The return of Ollie Gee

With the release of the hit single, Oguzoro, the latest offering from Ollie Gee, the Afrobeats star seems ready to reclaim his place on the music scene.
Oguzoro, which was recorded in an undisclosed Lagos studio, is fast becoming an anthem with people chanting to its satirical lyrics.
Ollie Gee came into the limelight when he dropped Felenfe featuring the all-time hit, Daddy Moo, making a first impression. Not long after, the Enugu-born artiste released Emesia, which consolidated his place in the Nigerian music space. He also dropped an album, Rebirth featuring the late MC Loaf in the track, Imedeowo Obim and U Go Hear Am.
A few years later, with the realignment of new music stars, Ollie Gee seemingly went into experiment that has now birthed Oguzoro seen by many as a grand return of a master street musician, with the right lyrics.
Oguzoro is one of a series of singles being methodically produced to fill up an EP due in June 2024.
In the past few months, Ollie Gee has literally been living in the studio working with several producers and churning out single after single including Ego Sara Mbara and a remix of Daddy Moo with Kcee. He also did a duet with Tusca Pac in Aboki, a promising new track that has just been released.
Ollie Gee hinted that he decided to drop many singles as a prelude to the release of his loaded EP later in the year. He is, however, optimistic about a grand reception for Oguzoro

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