Nollywood stars, Inojie, Nuhu halla against domestic violence

Veteran movie stars, Charles Inojie and Ali Nuhu have teamed up to campaign against domestic violence.

In a viral video on social media, the actors are using their pedigrees to inspire Nigerians to recognise their power and speak up against domestic violence in their communities.

In the visual, Inojie and Nuhu are confronted with a disturbing scenario having witnessed an instance of domestic violence in a restaurant. Both are faced with the choice of whether to speak up or mind their own business.

While Nuhu instinctively decides they should ignore the situation, Inojie thinks ‘evil thrives when good men keep quiet’. So, together they spark a collective protest with those in the restaurant by noisily banging cutleries on their plates, indicating their disapproval and taking a stand against the violence being meted on the restaurateur.

“The rallying cry, #MakeWeHalla is an open invite to us all, encouraging bystanders to show that they oppose domestic violence,” Nuhu said. 

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