I make use of musical styles to reinterpret lyrics -ID Tones

Leader of Anathema Music Group, Idowu Adebayo aka ID Tones, has emphasised the pivotal role of music styles in broadening the gospel bands outreach.
Adebayo told TS Weekend: “The core of our recorded materials are from our hymn book and the scripture. Having an understanding that we are the window through which the world sees the fold and by extension, Christ. We have a mandate to re-orient the world, even fellow Christians, about our fold. Musical styles are amoral, so we make use of these styles to reinterpret our lyrics so that gospel can have a wider reach.
Asked about the genesis of the group founded by Samuel Ogunyooye, Adebayo said, The need arose for the Anathema documentary soundtrack and the director was adamant about her choice of producer. However, I was also commissioned as the leader of Anathema Music Group. This is as a result of my familiarity with the visionary, to produce a song that would encapsulate the essence of white garment church’s musical tradition. The outcome was ‘Ẹgbẹ́ Kérúbù Ti Yè’. The song garnered such acclaim that it solidified our position as the musical department of the team.”
Regarding upcoming projects, Adebayo shared, “Our concert has become an annual affair, and preparations for the next edition are already underway. Additionally, the video for the previous concert will premiere in the 2nd quarter. Audiences can also anticipate another interpretation of a collection of hymns.

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