How I launched Yaba Buluku Boyz into stardom -George Beke 

For South Africa-based Nigerian music business executive, George Beke, the establishment of his thriving Geobek Records label was borne out of necessity.
Geobek Records, which has catapulted many aspiring African talents beyond their wildest dreams, has spread unseen potential like wild fire across the continent.
Delving into memory lane, Beke who spoke on the rising profile of popular Mozambican music group, Yaba Buluku Boyz on Vinyl podcast, said Geobek Records was set up basically because of Laylizzy and Ellpluto.
“I had Geobek Entertainment and I was consulting for Universal Music. While I was still working with Laylizzy, I wanted him signed onto the Universal Records’ stable, but the move didnt work out. It was after the failed move that I floated Geobek Records because of Laylizzy and Ellpluto, who were both the pioneers on the Geobek Records’ stable. Both musicians had completed works to promote and they were not signed onto any record label. So, I took it upon myself to set up Geobek Records to promote their works,” he recalled.
The music aficionado, who continues to deliver pan-African distinction with his enterprise, also explained the difference between Geobek Records and Geobek Standard.
He said: Geobek Standards is me setting standards as it were in the music industry. It is my personal interest of wanting to create standards, because without standards, we are just doing business as usual.
“So, standard is a discipline; it reminds you that you dont have to settle for less. Thats what the Geobek Standard is Geobek Records is the record arm of Geobek Standards, which is very much functional.”
George, who studied Audio Visual Communication in South Africa to broaden his spectrum and deepen his knowledge in the music industry, recalled how he met the Yaba Buluku Boyz and the release of their monster hit done with Burna Boy.
In his words: I met DJ Tarico when I came to Mozambique with Davido for a show. I was working with a female artiste (Shellsy Baronet) and Tarico was producing her songs. He shared some beats with me so I can get a Nigerian artiste to flow on it. However, he approached me at a time I felt was not right, but when the time came, it clicked. It was at the time Amapiano was beginning to get recognised and I decided to join the movement.
“At that time, the Yaba Buluku song was getting appreciable airplay and I met with DJ Tarico and Nelson in South Africa and they had a meeting with me to seal a management deal. The song was getting airplay but the people didn’t really know those behind the song. So, I said ‘okay, cool let’s all come together as brothers’. I co-signed them joining forces with Burna Boy on the remix of their song that eventually became a success. But the song had to have another voice because Tarico is a DJ and we needed someone else aside from Nelson, and thats where Prek came into the picture. So, that’s how I met the Yaba Buluku Boyz and that’s how we have continued to build towards a greater future through the Geobek Records platform.”

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