Collaborating with Kizz Daniel on Lavida inspiring, enlightening – Pryme

Fast rising Nigerian musician, Nwabueze Promise Chibuike aka Pryme has delved into the inspiration behind his latest single, Lavida, emphasizing its upbeat message of happiness and positivity. 

Reflecting on the creative process, the artiste reveals that the song encapsulates the joy he experienced while working with his producer, underscoring its thematic focus on celebrating life’s blessings.

Discussing his collaboration with renowned artiste, Kizz Daniel, Pryme describes the experience as both educational and inspiring. He admires Daniel’s work ethic and hints at adopting valuable insights into his own craft. This fruitful partnership hints at future musical ventures that transcend traditional Afrobeats, exploring fresh dimensions in the industry.

When asked about potential international reward platforms like the Grammy Awards, Pryme exudes confidence in his music’s global appeal.

Expressing a desire to experiment with diverse genres beyond Afrobeats, he envisions a trajectory that leads to international recognition, driven by his unwavering passion and evolving artistry.

Despite newfound fame, the musician remains grounded, sharing personal insights into his fears and aspirations. According to him, his greatest concern is the hypothetical loss of his voice, a poignant reminder of his devotion to the craft. As the singer navigates the music industry’s demands, he appreciates and connects with his dedicated female admirers, acknowledging their influence on his creative process.

Beyond music, Pryme is a multifaceted individual with diverse interests like football, poetry and dance. These activities serve as creative outlets and sources of relaxation amidst the industry’s fast-paced nature.

Pryme is indeed poised for international acclaim, guided by a genuine passion for music and an openness to collaborate with a spectrum of talents. His journey underscores a commitment to authenticity, ensuring that fame and success never overshadow his core values and unwavering dedication to his craft.

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