All set for African Prints Festival 2024

All is set for the 2024 edition of African Prints Festival, a celebration of African fashion, culture and diversity, which for the first time will take place in four cities across the globe. 

Founded by Dr. Emmanuel Odole, the event franchise promises to be a spectacular showcase of talent and creativity in Adelaide, Australia; Nadi, Fiji; Accra, Ghana and Lagos, Nigeria.

According to him, the train hits Adelaide, Australia for the maiden edition on February 17, 2024. It will be the turn of Nadi, Fiji on February 24, while the train berths in Accra, Ghana in May before finally hitting Lagos in September 2024.

Odole further disclosed that Mr. Ovo Ogufere has been appointed as the festival’s producer for the 2024 editions. Ogufere is a world-renowned producer with a track record of curating unforgettable fashion events. He’s expected to bring his wealth of expertise and passion for African fashion to the forefront. Under his visionary leadership, the 2024 editions are set to be a dynamic fusion of fashion, culture, and innovation.

The festival will also present an exquisite line-up of international African fashion designers, each known for pushing boundaries and redefining the world of fashion. They will bring their unique styles and perspectives to the festival, creating a truly global fashion experience.

These include award winning Sorobis from USA, Kalturalroots from USA, African Revolution from Paris, Kais Divo Collection from Togo, Dressmeup from Benin Republic, Hashid Couture from Guinea Conakry, Skentele by Etti from Nigeria, Joseph Ejiro from Nigeria, and Jurio Luti also from Nigeria.

The event would also feature a line-up of 10 Australian-African designers that will showcase their talents at the festival. According to Odole, these designers bridge the gap between African and Australian fashion, and will bring a unique fusion of styles to the runway, celebrating the richness of their cultural backgrounds.

He stated: “The African Prints Festival has consistently been a platform for celebrating the diversity of African culture and fashion. In 2024, we are expanding our horizons, uniting fashion lovers from around the world, and embracing the beauty of African creativity.

“We invite media professionals, fashion enthusiasts, and culture aficionados to join us on this remarkable journey. Don’t miss the chance to witness the intersection of tradition and innovation, where fashion becomes a universal language of unity and celebration.”

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